Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wax On...Wax OFF!

So, I know it's been 2 months since my last post...and I know it makes me somewhat of a loser because my post is about laundry, but I was just too darn excited about this to NOT post, so forgive me.

So my daughter Lily has a thing for drawing. Like, a serious thing for drawing. She draws all day long. If she can get her hands on a crayon or a pencil, and some paper, she is as happy as a lark. She often will sneak crayons into her bed at night and do murals on her bedroom walls...lovely.

It's actually a big help with her anxiety to stick a crayon and paper in her hands, because it keeps her hands busy, preventing a lot of the little things she would be doing if her hands WEREN'T busy, like hitting and pulling out hair and what not. It also helps her to be calm, and she stays involved in what SHE'S doing, instead of getting herself all worked up over what everyone else is doing. And so, I'm happy to let her draw & colour to her heart's content, it makes her happy...and that makes me happy.

Until...one of her sneaky little crayons snuck its way into my laundry!! Now, this has happened to us before...and as a result clothes get tossed. Why would I keep clothes that have melted and now DRIED coloured wax all over them? There's not enough elbow grease in the WORLD that could get that stuff out...until now! I mean, you all may have found secret ways to get crayon out of clothes, but this was a big discovery for me!

I was desperate...all the new clothes that had just gone through the washer AND the dryer had crayon splotches and streaks all over them! I went online, because the WORLD WIDE WEB is our greatest resource in times like these! I found a recipe for getting crayon out of clothes...NO ELBOW GREASE REQUIRED! This was MY kind of cleaning! Even better...IT WORKED! I'm ECSTATIC about this! So I decided I needed to share my finding with all you lovely ladies because this is one recipe you DEFINITELY want on hand!

So here it is!!

2 full scoops liquid Tide (any kind of Tide, I used Tide with Downy and it still worked great)
1 cup Mule 20 Borax Powder (find it in the laundry section of the grocery store)
1 cup liquid Shout
2 full scoops OxyClean powder
1 cup white vinegar

You put all the ingredients into the washing machine, and fill it with hot water. Let the washing cycle go for about 1 minute to mix around the ingredients, then stop the washing cycle, and put clothes in to soak for 2 hours. Then let the wash cycle finish. Start the wash cycle over again, this time with WARM water, add 1 scoop Tide and 1 scoop OxyClean and let clothes do a complete cycle. When that's done, let it do an extra rinse, and then you can put the clothes in the dryer.

I hope this comes in handy for some of you...although I hope even MORESO that you will never need it!


Debbi said...

great tutorial! I may need to bookmark this, for future reference!!

Lisa said...

That sounds like a potent recipe . . . one that I'll have to keep on hand :) I wonder who was brave enough to try putting all those chemicals together the first time! No wonder elbow grease can't do the job. . . .

Debbie Jo said...

Hey busy mom....I miss reading your blog posts....update!